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So Long, and Thanks...

For friends, family, and other interested parties: This week I emailed Bishop Mary Virginia Taylor and informed her that I wish to withdraw my status as an elder in the UMC. This means I am no longer to be a Methodist clergyperson. I know some of my friends will want to know why I’ve made this decision. The short answer is that it’s what I want. For most of my adult life I’ve been more of a seeker than a believer. And I’m grateful to the UMC for welcoming the seekers of the world, me included. But I find that my need to go on seeking, and thinking freely, has only grown over time, to an extent that I would be playing false if I continued in the role of elder. Hand-in-hand with this concern has been my growing discomfort with the institution of the church. I intend no disrespect to something which has given me and my family so much. But for many reasons, I’ve found I simply can’t service the institution in the ways it requires, and perhaps deserves. And to be honest, I have no interest